Children Of The Sun
A Spiritual Journey for Children of All Ages
A Wonderful Book with CD Now Available
Story and Songs by Laurel Savoie
Illustrations by Emery Bear
This book is a Spiritual journey for children of all ages, including the inner child pulsating in the heart of every adult.

It has been in no a small way 'cause of your kind and active help to solve my case.

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The story teaches Universal Spiritual Truths and Principles through the power of the written word, story telling, rhyme, music, songs and beautiful, full color illustrations.

The multimedia package includes an exquisitely illustrated book and a CD which contains an audio theatrical performance of the magical story complete with narration, ten character voices, eleven original songs, orchestration, affirmations, prayers, nature and sacred sounds.

This book teaches children the connection between the 4000-year old Judean tradition, the 2000-year old Christian tradition and the present day I Am Ascended Master Teachings.