The inspired creative collaboration of Laurel Savoie and Emery Bear has gifted us all (young and old alike) with a very special and unique audio-visual feast. Children of The Sun allows us to savor the subtle aspects and manifestations of Esoteric Truths through the eyes of the innocent child within us. It has been masterfully designed to allow us to experience Divine Love, Divine Peace and Divine Joy as we take that magical ride with Jeremy, Heather and the White Dolphins of Light. I can read and listen to the book over and over again - and the wonderment just keeps on growing.

The I AM in each of those who made this book possible is wonderfully alive! What a blessing for all of us.

Children of The Sun magically transports us to the inner world - that heavenly place where the I AM shines with all the Angels, Spiritual Beings and all the Great Ones. The story-telling is natural and flowing; the music pure and easily singable; the illustrations artistically ethereal.
Cynthia Guerrero de Leon enjoys a multi-faceted life as a Director of Finance at an executive search firm, Director of the Chamber Music Program of the Children's Orchestra Society of New York, a collaborative concert pianist and coach, an Arhatic Yoga practitioner, a certified Pranic Psychotherapist and Pranic Healing Trainer on the East Coast. She has 4 published books in mathematics/statistics and has several CD recordings to her credit.